Characters: Omar Deen

Real Name: Omar Rauf Deen

Occupation: Scientist, Student

Identity: Not known to the general public

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Known relatives: Khalid Deen (father); Nadiya Deen (mother)

Group Affiliation: None

Powers and Abilities: Omar possesses no superhuman powers or abilities. (He does however have the strangest affinity for garishly bright shirts)

Origin: Omar Deen was born in Brooklyn, New York to Pakistani-American couple, Khalid and Nadiya Deen. He first met Leon Rodney (aka Lightning Rod) in kindergarten, where they fought ... and then promptly shared cake. The two have been best friends ever since. Omar's highly overprotective and devout Muslim parents did not initially approve of their son's growing friendship with Leon, based on his father's occupation as a police officer. However, Nadiya was unable to have any more children and saw Omar's relationship with Leon as a chance for her son to have the brother she could never give him.

The friendship between Omar and Leon strengthened when Leon's older brother [REDACTED UNTIL T.A.S.K. EPISODE 1]. Although the [REDACTED UNTIL T.A.S.K. EPISODE 1] almost caused Omar's mother to seek and end to the boys' friendship, his father saw the strength his son exhibited in the way he supported Leon through that trying time. Omar kept Leon's time occupied with schoolwork and video games and kept Leon from [REDACTED UNTIL T.A.S.K. EPISODE 1]. When the [REDACTED] eventually led to Leon's parents' divorce, Omar again helped his friend cope with the upheaval in his life. Omar's friendship with Leon became the one constant in young Leon's life, the one thing with some degree of normality.

Omar Deen has always been the glue that has kept Leon's world from crumbling. He's always been there with a joke at the right time and a dumb plan at the wrong time.

It remains to be seen how Omar's life and friendship with Leon will change now that [REDACTED UNTIL T.A.S.K. EPISODE 1].

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Izaakse