Characters: O.G. Knight

Real Name: Malachi Gaultis

Occupation: Former criminal, now adventurer; seeker of redemption

Identity: Convicted felon and wanted fugitive known to law enforcement personnel

Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida

Group affiliation: T.A.S.K.

Known relatives: Charlene Gaultis (mother, deceased); Sir Morien de Galis (ancestor)

Powers and Abilities: O.G. Knight possesses increased strength (able to lift approximately 1 ton) and durability. O.G. Knight is a ruthless street-fighter and is on his way to becoming a master swordsman.

Weapons: O.G. Knight wields the cursed "magical" sword Elderfang, which is connected to him via a length of "mystical" chain. Elderfang can cut through most earthly materials and any magical constructs (spells; creatures etc.). The chain can extend to unknown lengths and responds to the Knight's mental commands.

Brief personal history: Not much is known about the early life of Malachi Gaultis. Soon after he was born, his mother was diagnosed with delirium and paranoid schizophrenia and her infant son was removed from her care. Malachi grew up in the foster care system and eventually ran away at the age of 14. He spent many years on the streets of various inner cities, surviving by any available means. He eventually found his niche in the illegal drug trade and soon immersed himself in urban gang life and all that life entailed (drive-by shootings, assault etc.). Earning a reputation for ruthlessness and cunning, Malachi rose in the ranks and soon became a fairly notorious gang leader. Eventually he was convicted for his participation in a brutal shooting and while incarcerated began to experience visions and suffer the pain he inflicted on his victims. His screams filled his prison block and his body experienced the terrible actions he meted out to others. Months of suffering later he accepted a deal for a shortened sentence in exchange for assistance with a robbery-turned-hostage situation involving members of his gang.

The helicopter transporting him to the scene crashed into a nearby river and quickly submerged. Seconds away from drowning Malachi was visited by the spirit of his ancient ancestor Sir Morien, who offered rescue and a path to redemption if Malachi took on the burden of the cursed sword Elderfang. Morien told him that the sword would cause him constant excruciating agony but if used it to fight evil and right wrongs, it could help balance the scales of the pain he'd brought to the world. Malachi took the offer and the sword Elderfang attached itself to his right arm, the chain in its hilt piercing his flesh and he became bonded to the sword, body and soul. He rescued the pilot and the guards and put an end to the hostage situation. In jest (and contempt) his former gang members called him "O.G. Knight." He attempted to surrender to the authorities after his heroic actions but was prevented by the sword, which quickly pulled him away from astounded police officers. He's officially a wanted fugitive but most police departments tend to look the other way as he's saved the lives of over a hundred policemen during his heroic career. Although he's not an official member of T.A.S.K., he has rendered assistance on occasion and John Henry is working to get him pardoned.

O.G. Knight was instrumental in ensuring Lightning Rod's safety after he first gained possession of [REDACTED UNTIL T.A.S.K. EPISODE 1].

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse