Characters: Ginger

Real Name: Unknown

Occupation: Predator

Identity: Unknown

Legal Status: No citizenship in any nation, wanted for murder in several

Place of Birth: Africa

Group Affiliation: The Factory

Powers and abilities: Ginger possesses the ability to absorb energy any living creature. Her feedings can result in her victims becoming violently ill from small feedings; or entirely withering away from a fatal attack. When Ginger feeds the energy is used not only to sustain her well being and retard her aging, it is also used to enhance her physical strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes superhuman levels. As a result of treatments carried out by Legacy, Ginger's ability to absorb and convert life energy has increased tenfold. With enough "feeding" she can attain strength levels allowing her to lift approximately 90 tons.

Survivors of Ginger's attacks have described her gaze as extremely hypnotic. It is not known if this is a natural trait or a result of Legacy's biological manipulation.

Brief personal history: Very little is known about the woman that some call "Ginger." It is believed that she is thousands of years old and that her reign of terror dates back to 5th millennium B.C. Nubia. Scholars who insist on the existence of this individual believe that she was very fortunate to be born into tribe where her red hair and great physical beauty were considered blessings. Those who have studied her legend believe that she developed her ability to drain energy from living creatures during puberty and would go on to feed on most of her tribe for years until she was discovered. The tale goes that she slaughtered her tribe and fled across the desert. She seems to appear in ancient Babylon and many believe that she was the literal "whore of Babylon" as evidence has been found that describes a woman with her distinctive features rising to power and influence in that famed city.

Her legend resurfaces again in Egypt where her image can be found on the rarest of hieroglyphics, apparently locked in combat with a red haired man.

Her trail all but dries up and her legend ends until 1895, when the ruins at Abydos, Tukh, Hierakonpolis and Gebelein were excavated. Six mummified remains were removed from the eastern slopes Gelelein. Many believe there were originally seven. Some say that not all the workers who helped to excavate the long dead remains made it back to their homes. Some say that in jest, the seventh rose and took the name of the first mummified body they pulled from those shallow graves; the male one ... with the red hair. The one they British archeologists called "Ginger."

Since that time many rumors and legends have swirled around the name Ginger. Conspiracies and horror stories abound. What is certain is that there is a now a statuesque black woman with red hair, who answers to the name Ginger, who stands aligned with the superhuman terrorist and anarchist, Legacy. If this is the Ginger of legend then she may be the most dangerous predator to ever walk the earth.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse