Characters: The Hand-Me-Down Society

Were you abandoned and left to the cold?
Did they take everything you loved from you?
Did you face long, dark nights alone?
Were all your tomorrows filled with pain and dread?
You are not alone.
We are just like you.
Come to us.
Bring us your hurt, your persecuted, your hunted.
Bring us your deprived, your depraved, your unwanted.
Together we will make them pay ...
The ones that left us, the ones who robbed us of love. The ones who hurt us.
We, the ones with the unwanted, castaway lives.
We are the Hand-Me-Down Society.
Join us.
We will make them pay.

The Hand-Me-Down Society is a group formed with the singular intention of gathering those who have been extraordinarily hurt so that together they could enact extreme vengeance on those who hurt them. Recruited and funded by the mysterious and reclusive Father Mundi, the Hand-Me-Down Society vows to go after any target; be they the leader of a dangerous criminal organization, a head of state or a god -- the Hand-Me-Down Society will make them pay.

As its ranks continue to swell, can even T.A.S.K. stop the Hand-Me-Down Society from fulfilling its missions of vengeance?

(From left to right)

Poundstone: The rebellious daughter of a Japanese government official, Haruka Nakama was kidnapped by a criminal syndicate who planned to use the girl to force her father to do their bidding. When the shock of her abduction led to her father's fatal heart attack, she was traded to rogue scientists as a test subject. They removed her arms, strengthened her body and fitted her with oversized superhumanly strong limbs. She was rescued when Father Mundi led a team against the scientists.

Moonface: Dr. Russell Ederman was locked in an experimental phase point reactor by colleague and romantic rival, Donald Nagar. Ederman's atoms were dispersed and it took him 10 years to craft a cohesive form for himself. In those lost 10 years, Nagar would go on to marry Ederman's former girlfriend and become a multi-millionaire using Ederman's work. Father Mundi found Ederman soon after he reformed and invited him to join the Society. Moonface can project powerful concussive energy beams and fly.

Dogfin: Born to be the Prince of the Mer (aquatic cousins to the gods), he watched his family be slaughtered in a coup. In order for the usurpers to keep using the power of the royal bloodline he was imprisoned on Tartarus Isle where he would suffer years of torture and leeching. After Wyrm escaped Tartarus Isle he convinced the Society to launch a second rescue mission to free Dogfin. Dogfin now seeks revenge against those who now occupy the Mer throne.

M.I.A. (Free Douglass): The daughter of the last Sam Spirit operative (the "Sam Spirits" were US military personnel who volunteered to become superhuman agents, unfortunately most were spectacular failures) who was led to believe that father had been killed in action when in fact he had been driven insane by the superhuman enhancement process and locked away in an asylum. The once childhood friend of T.A.S.K. member Glitch is now the Hand-Me-Down Society's field commander. She possesses her father's enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina and is an expert gymnast and hand to hand combatant.

Wyrm: The illegitimate child of two gods, Wyrm was born in the form his parents assumed at the moment of his conception -- that of half man/half dragon. Locked away on Tartarus Isle prison as a child he and Dogfin shared a cell for a time. He was eventually rescued by M.I.A.

Toof: Toof was the first member of the Society and was rescued by Father Mundi himself. Her history is shrouded in mystery but she is as fiercely loyal to Mundi as she is ferocious.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Art by Quinn McGowan