Characters: Meridian

Real name: Jacob Kwon

Occupation: Adventurer

Identity: Not known to the public

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States no criminal record

Place of Birth: San Ramon, California

Known relatives: None

Group Affiliation: T.A.S.K.

Skills/abilities: Meridian's abilities come from the Ka-chi energy (an energy source that represents the physical zenith that mankind can attain) that entered his body at the moment of his death. This energy has randomly sought out many individuals since the dawn of humanity, individuals who have accomplished heroic deeds throughout history.

Due to his resurrection and subsequent transformation by the Ka-chi energy, Meridian is at the peak of physical human potential. His strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and healing are at the apex of what a human could possibly achieve. He can run a mile in under 2 minutes, possesses reflexes fast enough to catch bullets and can accomplish incredible vertical leaps. His body does not allow the build up of fatigue poisons in his muscles and his musculature, senses, focus and acuity border the superhuman. The Ka-chi energy has also greatly slowed his aging process.

A side effect of the Ka-Chi energy inhabiting a highly trained medical professional has led to the reason that Meridian is often called the "master of biological combat." He possesses the ability to visualize and analyze the body down to the cellular level to retard or increase chemical and biological reactions and trigger the reception of stimuli to create certain bodily events. He's made opponents violently ill with a glance; induced vertigo; caused muscles to spasm, tendons and ligaments to tear; bones to suddenly shatter, lesions, sores, hemorrhages, aneurysms and coronary events. He effectively makes an opponent's own body that opponent's worst enemy.

Brief personal history: Jacob Kwon was a gifted cardiac surgeon at a California hospital. While hiking on California's Mount Whitney, Jacob fell into a gorge, sustained serious injuries and became trapped. Unable to move or contact anyone for help, Jacob suffered for approximately 3 days and then ... died. A day later his body found by other hikers and he was airlifted to the morgue. Seven hours after being placed in the morgue Jacob started to breathe again. His injuries healed at an impossible speed and an hour later Jacob got up, walked out of the morgue and got on a flight to New York. Upon arriving in New York he caught a cab and went straight to the U.N. He then informed security that he should be brought before John Henry. No one knows what was discussed when Jacob spoke with John but since that time Jacob Kwon was no more. He became Meridian and has been John's right hand ever since. It is well known in intelligence circles that Meridian is the glue that keeps T.A.S.K. functioning.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse