Characters: Glitch

Real name: Anisa Okoro

Occupation: Scientist, adventurer

Identity: Unknown to the public

Legal Status: Dual U.S. and Nigerian citizen with no criminal record

Place of Birth: Nigeria

Known relatives: Legacy (father), Safurat Okoro (mother, deceased), Umbra (half-brother), John Henry (adopted father)

Group Affiliation: T.A.S.K.

Powers and Abilities: Glitch possesses superhuman genius level intellect. She has earned 6 PhD's (two specifically in the fields of engineering and physics). She possesses the ability to visually perceive mechanical energy in action which she combines with her gift for designing robotics and building highly-advanced mechanical devices. This makes Glitch an expert at creating mechanical devices for the purposes of energy generation, absorption and manipulation.

Glitch is also is a genius in the fields of applied technology and computer science and has either designed or overhauled many of T.A.S.K.'s internal operating systems.

Having grown up in the company of some of the world's greatest superheroes, Glitch has received self-defense and combat training from some of the world's elite fighters and while she's never mastered any single martial art, she's reasonably proficient in several.

Notes: Glitch has an incredibly short attention span, is easily distracted and frequently switches from one activity to another. Because of these personality traits, she was given the nickname "Glitch" by T.A.S.K. member Kraken, an individual she idolizes.

Brief Personal History: For hundreds of years Legacy has used a stolen shape-shifting ability to seduce women and make them mothers of his offspring - children he would later conduct genetic (and other) experiments on, in in his never ending quest to create beings of power. Young Safurat Okoro was one such woman. A beautiful Nigerian woman who Legacy courted while disguised as a handsome travelling businessman. The innocent, sheltered Safurat was swept off her feet and ran away from her tiny village with her worldly suitor. After weeks of amorous bliss at her lover's mansion, Safurat woke one morning to find that she was now a prisoner and watched in horror as her lover's face changed to that of a monster. Safurat became even more horrified to discover that she was simply one of 10 women who Legacy had seduced, imprisoned and made to bear his children. During the course of their pregnancies Safurat and the other women were often operated on and subjected to various treatments. Some of the mothers who were further along than Safurat gave birth to monstrous creatures; others gave birth to normal looking babies that exhibited strange abilities later on. Most of these offspring died soon after birth.

To her surprise, Safurat eventually gave birth to beautiful, seemingly unaltered baby girl who she named Anisa. Anisa's birth ignited a change in Safurat. Gone was the cowering and sheltered prisoner. In her place was a desperate and determined mother. Within months Safurat organized an escape plan with the other women and the next time Legacy left on one of his lengthy journeys, the mothers sprang into action. Gathering their children, the women overpowered Legacy's servants and left the compound. They hiked through rough terrain on their journey from the outskirts of Damasak to Maiduguri; a large city in north eastern Nigeria. After being alerted to the escape, Legacy deployed operatives Grunt and Flay, to re-capture or eliminate the women and their children. The hunters harried the women as they neared Maiduguri and four of the mothers lost their lives before the former captives entered the city.

Undeterred by the presence of a large population, Grunt and Flay continued their pursuit and found themselves opposed by Nigerian Army troops. The thralls easily outmatched the military and more of the escaped mothers were killed in the crossfire. Eventually, Nigerian hero and T.A.S.K. member Oba arrived and defeated Legacy's hunters. Unfortunately Safurat and Anisa were the last surviving escapees. Upon hearing Safurat's tale, Oba realized that the child was a living link to one of T.A.S.K.'s deadliest enemies and flew the woman and child to T.A.S.K's headquarters.

John Henry and Meridian both agreed that it would be in the best interest of both mother and child if they stayed safe with T.A.S.K. and Safurat and her child finally knew peace. Safurat was able to continue her studies and upon graduation became a leading voice in T.A.S.K's Young Womens' international outreach and education programs. Anisa grew up at T.A.S.K.'s headquarters; a child on first name basis with superheroes that other children regarded with wide eyed wonder. It was no secret that the child considered John Henry and Meridian her fathers.

Anisa's genius began to show early and being around the brilliant minds of individuals such as Kraken, John Henry and Meridian only helped. Meridian was also able to help the girl with her Attention Deficit Disorder by teaching her techniques to boost her mind's ability to focus. By the time Anisa was 9 years old she earned her first college degree and became a regular in Kraken's onsite labs and workshops. The scientist/hero affectionately nicknamed her "Glitch."

When Anisa was 10, Safurat was assassinated at a women's symposium in the Middle East. She was laid to rest in T.A.S.K.'s "Heroes Rest" crypt and John Henry officially adopted Anisa soon after. Frustrated by the lack of progress of her mother's murder investigation, Anisa organized a team of lesser known, non-T.A.S.K. heroes, stole a T.A.S.K. transport and flew them to the Middle East to conduct her own investigation. By the time John Henry tracked her down (two days later) she'd already brought her mother's assassin to justice.

Glitch went on to earn several more degrees and PhDs and took charge of T.A.S.K.'s communications and cyber defense systems. She designed, built and programmed the drones that keep the organization's headquarters functioning and when John Henry and Meridian decided to begin a team-based trainee program for the newest crop of heroes -- Glitch's name was first to be considered and confirmed. John Henry is extremely proud and confident that his daughter can make a real difference and have an impact on the organization's mission of keeping the world safe.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse