Characters: Centurion

Real name: Christina Lellios

Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, adventurer

Identity: Known to the public

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States no criminal record

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Known relatives: Olga Lellios (mother) Luke, Alexander (brothers), Sebastian (brother, deceased)

Group Affiliation: United States Air Force, T.A.S.K.

Powers and Abilities: Centurion possesses various abilities granted by the unique bonding of alien bio-tech and human DNA. The sentient bio-armor (named S-u'hent) possesses shape-changing and energy manipulation abilities. It affords Centurion a great degree of strength (30 tons), flight (in excess of Mach 5) and invulnerability. The armor is capable of shape-shifting areas of itself into weapons such as energy cannons, blades and thrusters. The armor, which is powered by the absorption of cosmic radiation, also allows for unaided space and undersea travel. Lt. Col. Lellios and S-u'hent communicate telepathically.

Lt. Col. Lellios is a skilled marksman, excellent hand to hand combatant and pilot.

Distinguishing characteristics: Centurion and the surviving members of the team she commanded on the moon often assist each other in various missions and have been known to refer to themselves as "The Foretold"(the name of the shuttle in which they made their escape back to Earth).

Brief personal history: Christina Lellios grew up as the tomboy sister of three very active brothers and as a teensager was a star athlete in the city of Chicago. The Lellios family owned a small aircraft and it was on this plane that Christina and her bothers discovered they all possessed an aptitude for flying. When her eldest brother Sebastian; a first responder, perished in New York City on 9/11, she joined the Air Force and was accepted to flight school. Christina's path would eventually take her over the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat pilot.

Christina became a rising star in the Air Force Special Operations Command and received commendations for bravery under fire. She was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel and was assigned to T.A.S.K.'s International Joint Security Operations Group; a group comprised of military and law enforcement personnel from all over the world, and was placed in command of an expeditionary force sent to the moon to investigate an energy anomaly. The anomaly turned out to be an inter-dimensional breach and the creatures that came through inflicted heavy casualties on her team.

During the battle Christina came into contact with an alien corpse encased in a suit of biological armor. The armor telepathically informed Lellios that it was a sentient being that had fought her adversaries in the past and that its' intention was to bond with Lellios and save the lives of herself and her team. Seeing no other way, Lellios consented and bonded with the armor. Together they repelled the creatures and saved the surviving members of her team. She later discovered that due to certain compatibilities she and the armor could not separate; the bonding was permanent and they had achieved perfect symbiosis.

Lt. Col. Lellios' superiors decided that she could be even more effective in the field as a super powered force- multiplier. They gave her the code name Centurion and she now serves not only as a military asset in matters of a super-powered nature but as the U.S. military's official liaison to T.A.S.K.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse