Characters: Alice

Real Name: Unknown

Occupation: Assassin, saboteur, thief

Identity: Not known to the general public

Legal Status: Individual of unknown citizenship wanted in several countries

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known relatives: None

Group Affiliation: The Factory

Powers and Abilities: Alice possesses no superhuman powers. However she is an Olympic level gymnast and a deadly hand to hand combatant. She possesses deadly proficiency with bladed weapons, small arms, assault rifles, energy weapons and explosives. Alice often carries a selection of blades, firearms, pulse weapons and explosives on her missions.

She is also trained in vocal manipulation and is quite adept at impersonations.

Note: Alice is one of the deadliest individuals in the world because she has been trained for carnage and she is wholly unpredictable. She ignores physical pain, shows no regard for the safety of herself or others and is only reined in by the word of Legacy. As competent as an individual would be through extensive preparedness, Alice is equally if not more effective through the sheer amount of chaos she unleashes.

Brief character history: Alice's exact origin is a mystery and what little information law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collected is clouded by rumor, legend and deliberately planted misinformation. One such rumor is that she was a military biochemical weapons specialist who was part of a "black book" chemical warfare taskforce. That particular story goes on to say that she was a victim of sexual assault perpetrated by her fellow soldiers; an assault which many say was the reason Alice used chemical weapons to kill each and every individual stationed at that installation. There is no official record of this event.*

Another popular rumor among law enforcement is that Alice is most likely the serial killer known as "Jackie Ripper" who authorities believe is responsible for the deaths of 9 young men across the U.S. These victims were seemingly seduced, drugged and "operated on." In each case an organ was removed and placed in its correct anatomical position in a crude blood drawing on the wall next to the body. There is almost no actual evidence pointing to Alice being the perpetrator of these murders and police would not have much to go on if someone didn't keep sending postcards from some of the world's most beautiful vacation spots with Polaroids of Alice at the crime scenes, dancing with the removed organs in hand.

Criminals tell a different story of Alice's beginnings. They believe that she was a gymnastics prodigy from an Eastern European nation who told the authorities of the inappropriate advances of her coach and was sold into slavery for her trouble. In this story Alice becomes the "property" of the Death's Whisper cult of assassins; where she is trained for years in the arts of infiltration, seduction and murder. This story can no more be confirmed than the other possible origins of the woman known as Alice as it was reported years ago that the Death's Whisper cult fell apart after its leaders were assassinated in their sleep.

What can be believed about Alice is what has been heard coming from the lips of Legacy himself. He says that he pulled her out of the deepest, darkest pit of hell, "... not as a rescue, but as a reward for the well earned darkness in her heart ..."

Alice's response is simply, "He made me whole."

* = A U.S. Army platoon did suffer extensive casualties from an unknown biochemical attack during the early days of the Iraq War. The report of this incident is sealed by order of the President.

Written by Damion Gonzales
Character design by Sean Isaakse
with additional art by Quinn McGowan