Characters: Schroedinger's Hepcat

Name: Dr. Theodore Cosby

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: African (American of African descent)

Place of birth: Las Vegas, NV

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Claire Cosby (mother, deceased), David Cosby (father, deceased), Harold Cosby (grandfather, deceased), Mabel Davenport Cosby (grandmother, deceased), Lucy Cosby (ex-wife)

Education: Ph.D in physics from Stanford University, masters in physics from Duke University, bachelors in physics from Yale

Aliases/nicknames: The Impossible Cool

Skills/abilities: Schroedinger's Hepcat is virtually invulnerable to all conventional attacks -- concussive, heat, chemical, gaseous, light based or otherwise. He likewise possesses the ability to make any binary possibility he can conceive a reality with just a thought, though he tends to talk through it for his own amusement. For example, he could imagine that someone is exactly who they are, or are a porcupine. Due to the unstable nature of sixth dimensional energies, the effects of his powers last exactly 47 hours. A flaw in his multidimensional energy matrix makes it possible to send him back to the sixth dimension for one Earth year at a time, which for him would seem like 365,000 years, but only if his power feeds back by him being unable to find a second binary state or if he considers more than three states while using his power.

Best known for: Turning a strip of highway into chocolate pudding.

Distinguishing characteristics: Bowler hat, walking stick with a typhonian beast at the head, bedraggled hair and impeccable wardrobe

Brief personal history: The son of a jazz drummer and a junior high math teacher, Dr. Theodore Cosby was one of the world's finest minds in physics, working on creating the Large Hadron Collider but was constantly denied a chance to be the focal point. A mysterious consortium secretly funded by internet billionaire Dr. Melissa Mathis wooed him away to create a much more ambitious project with none of the ethical limitations on safety. Desperate to prove his worth through repeated threats of funding cuts, Cosby pushed too far and was the victim of one of his own experiments exploding and destroying a huge underground complex in Wyoming. The facility was sealed off and the consortium dissolved, but Cosby was actually sucked into the sixth dimension, appearing fifty-two miles west of the facility twenty minutes after the detonation. Time passes differently in the sixth dimension, so to Cosby's mind, he'd been gone for 20,000 years. Returned completely insane and cursed with impossible levels of durability and extraordinary reality warping powers, Cosby set on "an extended solo" to show the world how "cool" it could be, his campaign of terror threatening millions of lives.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan