Characters: Wildfire

Name: Will Watson 3

Height: 6'

Weight: 178 pounds

Hair: Black (close cropped)

Ethnicity: African descent (US born)

Place of birth: Shelby City, Tennessee (that world's equivalent to the city of Memphis)

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Travis Watson (cousin), Montsho Watson (uncle), Erskine Watson (uncle), Jeff Watson (uncle), Corina Watson (mother, deceased)

Education: Sophomore at Shelby State University

Aliases/nicknames: Agent Wildfire, Project Wildfire, Wildfire, Matchstick, The Scarlet Savior of Shelby City

Best known for: Being around when bad things happen.

Known Affiliations: Monsterwatch

Skills/abilities: Super strength (has been shown to lift as much as 70 tons), flight (both hovering and rapid self propulsion, evidencing speeds as fast as one thousand miles per second), auto empathy (can visually detect emanations from kaiju), virtual invulnerability (capable of withstanding dozens of hits from bunker-buster styled bombs), self-sustenance (he does not require air or food but continues to do these things based on habit) he can super heat the gravity field around him to make shields, project heated plasma blasts from his hands and unconsciously manipulate the structural integrity of objects he comes in contact with in order to lift them.

Ambitions: To be better and do better after being told he's a monster, to be as good a hero as Valor, a "fictional" character he grew up reading about

Brief personal history: Will Watson's life has been bracketed by misfortune. His mother Corina, a police detective, died in the line of duty when he was twelve years old. His single father Will Watson 2 struggled to provide a home for his son during an era when crime was devouring the humid streets of the southern city.

The elder Will Watson succumbed to a heart attack when his son was sixteen, and the young man went to live with his "strict" uncle Jeff while preferring the company of his "fun" uncles Montsho and Erskine and his cousins Chris and Travis, forming a rap group and getting into trouble. Erskine worked as an engineer for a recording studio that laundered money for a local gang called KMG, a connection that landed Montsho's wife Rita in prison.

Will worked hard to stay on the right path, working after school at Kings Corner grocery for Jeff and his wife LaShaunda. An artist and athlete, he was accepted at Shelby State on a basketball scholarship until an act of governmental bureaucracy drastically cut the school's funds, leaving Will desperate for a means to make ends meet. He agreed to join a campus sleep study secretly run by the organization that would become Monsterwatch and got far more than the check he expected from the experience.

Created by Quinn McGowan