Characters: Majesty

Name: Hera

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 250 pounds

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Sky blue

Ethnicity: Greek

Known relatives: Zeus (brother/husband, deceased), Ares (son, deceased), Poseidon (brother, deceased), Hades (brother, deceased), Demeter (sister), Haephaestus (son, deceased), Eileithyia (daughter, goddess of childbirth)

Education: N/A

Aliases/nicknames: Juno

Distinguishing characteristics: Regal nature and bearing, an amazing singing voice

Best known for: Closing a dimensional portal to seal off Asgard with her bare hands and a little help from The Smoking Mirror.

Known Affiliations: The Line

Place of birth: Mount Olympus

Marital status: Widowed

Skills/abilities: Hera has a frightening host of extrahuman powers including flight, super strength (evidencing the ability to lift at least 90 tons), virtual invulnerability, telescopic vision, remote hearing and sense of smell, the ability to create blasts of force from her hands (equivalent to 100,000 pounds per square inch), telekinesis, teleportation and casting illusions. She has superhuman stamina and endurance, as well as being immune to almost any illness known to affect mankind. Her affinity with lions led to a fast friendship with Pride. She has a weak spot on her right breast where her stepson Heracles shot her with a triple barbed arrow, so she often wears extra armor to protect it. She is also very proud, and cannot stand to be disrespected.

Brief personal history: Second born of the Titan Cronus in the mists of pre-history, Hera was devoured by her father and gestated within his stomach until her brother Zeus slew Cronus and freed his siblings. Hera was the first to escape and Zeus was the first thing she saw, instantly gaining her lifelong devotion. Their marriage was rocky, including scores of instances of infidelity on his part, but she remained his until the day warmongering gods from another pantheon came calling. Like many other pantheons, the gods of Olympus had lost interest in earth, operating on other planes of existence, unaware of an intrusion from "below." Zeus was slain by a combination of Odin and Tyr's powers as they sought to stand alone in the heavens and Hera picked up the standard, leading the fight against the Aesir. When the fight spilled on to earth, Hera rallied the forces of man as Olympus was destroyed, finally ending the terror of Odin's brood. She found a world once again that shone favor on her and swore to stay and protect it, using her vast wealth and overwhelming power to act for good wherever she can.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan