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Here you'll find all of Hannibal Tabu's surviving columns archived, from Damage Control (the Rap Pages column and the web magazine) and "The Operative Word" from SpinnerRack.com. If, one day, we can find them, we'll post "The Operative" from Mac Mania (but don't hold your breath).

(personal rantings only available on operative.net, kind of an evil blog of sorts, chronicled by idiosyncratic names and saved by date for your pleasure, plus a collection of essays about life after divorce)

THE OPERATIVE WORD (for SpinnerRack.com)
(for some reason these are listed from newest to oldest, go figure)

DAMAGE CONTROL (the web magazine)
(oldest to newest, normal from here on out, all published in 2000. The links are all probably hella outdated, and we'll try to fix/remove as possible, apologies for any inconvenience)

DAMAGE CONTROL (for Rap Pages)
(A column, designed by then-editor Allen Gordon, to "end careers and put them out of the public misery," which began its online life shortly into 1998)

(Including fill ins for MTV Online's Beat Bomb)

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