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When Flynt Publications sold Rap Pages out from under the staff, I felt a kind of anguish. I loved the chance to brutalize the stupid and the weak on a monthly basis. So, since I'd gone so far learning HTML (and the tables I built were somewhat complex at the time), I decided to go it alone. I recruited freelance scribe Adisa Banjoko, my dear pal Daniel Ruiz and fellow Rap Pages columnist J-Smoov of B-Boy Kingdom and decided to run it all myself. The amount of work involved nearly killed me. I've since dialed back those delusions of grandeur (which is why I didn't bother to repost any of their pieces), but here you'll find my work from that time (all the year 2000). I apologize in advance for the scores of dead links herein, but that's just the way the web spins.

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