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When my pal Eric Stephenson asked me to write a column for NextPlanetOver.com, I was originally reticent. I'd killed myself on Damage Control with little by way of reward and tons of suffering. He promised it'd be different, I could just rant and do very little of the production. This went well for a bit, until NPO went out of business along with parent site eHobbies.com. When Eric and our other partner-in-crime Allen Hui started up SpinnerRack, they brought me on again as a columnist. Eventually Eric convinced me to take it more seriously (sneaky bastard) so potential editors who might hire me would see me as less of a goofball. I'll leave it to you to figure which columns were which. Anyhoo, all columns are produced by Allen (i.e. his design and production art) and listed from newest to oldest.

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