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born beneath an angry star

(Chapbook, 36 pages of original poetry written by Hannibal Tabu)
$7 (shipping included) |

Seventeen poems, illuminating a rage that could ignite planets. In this book, Hannibal presents poems old and new, all from the harsher side of his personality. A stark contrast to the work from Flight Manual, it still shows a wide range of emotions that can fall under the aegis of discord. Topics range from lost love to race relations, classism to hip hop and more.


  • foreword
  • finality
  • chickens (full text)
  • the most hated people in the world
  • heartless city (in two parts)
  • legacy
  • hatred
  • 1999 (full text)
  • don't move, don't think
  • easy
  • clever
  • a girl named anger
  • bitter ex-girlfriend poem #1453: last night
  • turbulence
  • 365-12-52
  • i am hip hop
  • water
  • mr. sandman (full text)
  • about the author

"Hannibal Tabu writes about complicated political issues with such charged lyricism that you will remember these words -- and these issues -- long after you put this book down."
-- Michael Datcher,
    Author of

"Hannibal's work is consistently humble and thorough. He speaks as he sees with no ego interference. Humility, however, should never be confused with a lack of confidence. Hannibal acknowledges anger and beauty in equal measures and respects compassion's complexity. Not a poet offering a shot of redemption, Tabu's poems excavate the yin and yang of humanity in stark and uncompromising strokes."
-- Jason Luckett,
    fear humility

"Born Beneath An Angry Star is very good reading. if Stephen King were a poet, he would be like [Hannibal Tabu], dark and hard to look at, but with a sense of humor."
-- Brig Feltus

Click here to read more of Hannibal's poetry.

Please allow ten business days for shipping. No refunds, no exchanges, sorry.

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