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flight manual

(Chapbook, 72 pages of original poetry written jointly by Hannibal Tabu and Yuri Hinson)

More than 30 poems, chronicling and examining themes of love, romance, heartache and redemption. Follow Hannibal and Yuri as they track their way from being bitter singles to finding contentment in matrimony.

The book is broken into five sections: Flight Plan (a set of dreams and ideals for a relationship), Pre-Flight (talking about the trepidation of young love), Weather Advisory (because things don't always go smoothly), Taxi & Take Off (falling in love) and Orbit (transcendence, committment, contentment).


  • As Yet Untitled (HT, full text)
  • Cocoon (YH)
  • Cipher (HT)
  • Fairy Tales Suite (YH)
  • Serious (HT, mp3)
  • I Want A Poet To Love Me (HT, full text)
  • Life is Beautiful (YH)
  • Window Haikus (HT, full text for haiku one and haiku two)
  • First Date (YH)
  • Weighed Down by Good Intentions (HT)
  • Storm Windows (YH)
  • To The Girl I Just Met (HT)
  • Five Years (YH)
  • Sliding Windows (HT)
  • At The Crossroad (YH)
  • Turbulence (HT)
  • Stoic (YH)
  • Clever (HT)
  • (Re)creation (YH)
  • Flight Lesson 1: Soar (YH)
  • Flight Lesson 2: Linguistics (HT)
  • Flight Lesson 3: Spirit Space (YH)
  • Flight Lesson 4: Icarus Goes To Church (HT)
  • Flight Lesson 5: Dandelion (YH)
  • Flight Lesson 6: Holding On To You (HT)
  • Flight Lesson 7: Birth Pains (YH)
  • Flight Lesson 8: Get Married (HT)
  • Orbit
  • Yuri's Vows (YH)
  • Hannibal's Vows (HT)
  • Newlywed (YH)

Click here to read more of Hannibal's poetry.

Please allow ten business days for shipping. No refunds, no exchanges, sorry.

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