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After more than thirty sessions in home game testing, the premiere encounter for The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet was played by a cast of students and teachers from Cal State University Los Angeles, as well as a celebrity guest: actress Safiya Fredericks (Sorry To Bother You, newly announced I'm Charlie Walker).

The players included ...

  • Dr. Josh Pearson as Lyander the half-elf sorcerer/warlock
  • Dr. Stina Atteberry as Beehive Number Six the warforged ranger
  • Student PJ as Amur of House Sparda the tiefling paladin
  • Student Marie Moore as Marz the half-elf druid
  • Student Rey Castillo as Lennox the kobold bard
  • Safiya Fredericks as Janet the human bard

Created by Hannibal Tabu in conjunction with Damion Poitier and Unlikely Heroes Studios.

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