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(Spoken Word CD, 13 poems, 4 interludes)

Hannibal Tabu appeared on KPFK-FM's popular spoken word showcase Inspiration House ("Voice Music for Whole Living") on March 18, 2002. Using amazing digital mastering technology, the entire experience has been captured for you. Hear Hannibal's mellifluous voice reading his original poetry over jazz and R&B classics. A once-in-a-lifetime event, captured forever.

To download MP3s, please click the link, click on MP3, and save the link of the appropriate file to your hard drive.

Track Listing:

  • ... I know you got soul (intro)
  • break fast
  • linguistics
  • principessa
  • i am hip hop
  • mr. sandman (full text)
  • peter j. harris interlude 1
  • linger (mp3)
  • dedication (mp3)
  • when you see an ex at a poetry reading
  • peter j. harris interlude 2
  • grateful (mp3)
  • scent of a woman
  • serious (mp3)
  • peter j. harris interlude 3
  • sweet love, parts 1 & 2 (full text)
  • shell game

Click here to read more of Hannibal's poetry.

Please allow ten business days for shipping. No refunds, no exchanges, sorry.

NOTE: The material on this bootlegged CD has been gaffled directly from the airwaves. No consent is given or implied by Peter J. Harris, Inspiration House or KPFK (although Peter is vaguely aware of the CD's existence).

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