Characters: Agent Raven

Name: Sterling Shelby

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 189 pounds

Occupation: Industrialist, adventurer

Ethnicity: Caucasian (American of German descent)

Place of birth: Colliar Heights (about 10 miles outside of Shelby City, Tennessee)

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Franklin Bell Shelby (father, missing, presumed dead) Sonya Weston Shelby (mother, missing, presumed dead), Benjamin Shelby 4 (uncle).

Education: Yale University (junior year drop out)

Aliases/Nicknames: Agent Raven, Rich Boy, Richie Rich

Best known for: being one of the world's youngest billionaires. The name sake and darling of Shelby City. Philanthropy, being a part time superhero (at least in his own mind). Causing trouble for Agent Wildfire.

Known affiliations: Monsterwatch

Skills/abilities: With the aid of stolen technology that belonged to his father, Agent Raven can lift is much is 10 tons. He uses state-of-the-art tracking and radar and can use a wrist mounted gravity blast for offensive capacity and short bursts of flight. He has the strength of an average human who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Ambitions: to be known as the greatest in the sucession of family philanthropist and to be renowned as the savior of the city that was named after his great great grandfather and founder Benjamin Bedford Shelby ... also to show up Agent Wildfire every chance he gets.

Brief personal history: Sterling Shelby lost his parents when he was 12. His uncle lost most of their fortune by the time he was 15. On his own steam and the legacy of his parents great name (not to mention the secret trust left to him and guarded by his trusted bodyguard Edgar) he went on to be one of the youngest students ever accepted at Yale. He dropped out his junior year on a hunch that top-secret technology developed by his father and haphazardly given away by his uncle Benjamin could be found in a compound in Nepal. With the aid of his father's oldest ally, technology giant Otto Soto, he raided the lab of a west coast tech giant and competitor, stealing back the technology. All of this was intended to keep a closer eye on the government sanctioned organization called Monsterwatch that was helping rebuild his fortune with their interest in his company's defense technology. Agent Raven, as he came to be known, was suspicious of Monsterwatch in general and General "Wardog" Garrett in particular for having something to do with his parent's disappearance. Still, he relishes the life of being wealthy and famous and adding superheroics only fed his already massive ego.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan