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Characters: Melissa Mathis

Name: Dr. Melissa Mathis

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 145 pounds

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian (American citizen of Anglo-Saxon descent)

Known relatives: None

Place of birth: Hartford, Conneticut

Marital status: Single

Education: Bachelor in chemical engineering from MIT, masters degree in theoretical physics from Caltech, doctorate in microbiology from Stanford, secondary studies in robotics, petroleum engineering, business, economics and psychology.

Skills/abilities: Mathis has an IQ of 196 and has vast skills in applied and theoretical physics, mechanical engineering, software engineering, computer science, microbiology, robotics, business and economics. She has extensively studied fencing, judo, gymnastics, ballet and archery. She has the average strength and agility of a woman her age who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Aliases/nicknames: None.

Distinguishing characteristics: Mathis suffers from Asberger's Syndrome and always wears the color green.

Best known for: inventing and patenting SmartLink, technology that adapted any vehicle into an Android-powered smart car, being CEO of Yodl, the world's #2 search engine, inventing SmartLink personal servants.

Brief personal history:

Melissa Mathis was a conundrum to her parents, disinterested Wall Street bankers who didn't want to devote the focus needed for a gifted daughter. Most of her childhood was spent in the company of her au pair Mrs. Gruber, an indifferent German woman who smoked and dutifully made sure Melissa got every advantage and activity, but never with a hint of affection. Melissa studied fencing, horseback riding, ballet, gymnastics, judo, and archery, and plotted.

At age fourteen, Mathis smothered Mrs. Gruber to death with a pillow, then set the woman's cottage ablaze by lighting a cigarette, placing it in Gruber's hand and letting it fall on the blankets.

At age fifteen, she seduced then blackmailed her father's friend, the local sheriff, into letting her "experiment" on derelicts.

At age sixteen she left for college and threw herself into study, mastering every discipline she encountered, getting her doctorate by age 21, her thesis sponsored by one of her instructors, Dr. Everett Langston Wheeler.

Mathis took a loan from her parents and founded Mathis-Matics, where she brought SmartLink to the world and began her fortune.

Her co-discovery of the Maltok and research leading her to understand their nature and how that could be used to exploit natural resources in other dimensions seemed like a natural fit, and only the actions of the Smoking Mirror stand in her way.

Elsewhere in the fractalverse ...

Dr. Melissa Mathis, owner of MathisMatics, is a famous and successful business magnate with an interest in speculative fiction and a friendship with world renowned fashion designer Hassan Khan. She's one of the executive producers pouring funds into an adaptation of the book Patternmaster by Octavia Butler, filming on the Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Character created by Hannibal Tabu, character design by Quinn McGowan