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Stories With The Maltok

Characters: The Maltok

Species name: The Maltok (singular and plural noun)

Physical description: cephalopod like creatures that have a mouth, sometimes mations (gill like receptors for information)

Height: variable (most commonly 75 to 100 feet)

Weight: variable

Eye color: variable

Hair: none

Ethnicity: not applicable (various Maltok are comprised of various living matter)

Known relatives: The Hoard (A collective consciousness that exist in dark matter)

Group affiliation: The Hoard

Distinguishing characteristics: A slime like trail that dissipates after about two minutes. When killed, Maltok emit a noxious gas that can be harmful if ingested.

Skills and abilities: Maltok have a range of abilities as they are created from Inter-dimensional travel, though, energy absorption Eye-beam, disruption of communication signals, such as radio waves and general destructiveness seem to round out their top three

Maltok usually form after living residue from interdimensional travel creates symbiotic bonds that tear them from the collective in negative space connecting them to one of the three: thought, emotion, physicality.

Maltok do not require sustenance of any kind (with the exception of physicality class: a side effect of the symbiont not it's host) and can travel through space unaided for short burst (about the distance in length of our galaxy) at about half the speed of light

Best known for: secession from the Council of deities and threatening war against them for the crime of corrupting dark matter and polluting negative space. They ultimately desire to end the pollution and restore tranquility and balance to be "dark ocean"

Brief personal history: The Maltok are squid like sentient creatures with a hive mind that exist in most dark matter. For billions and billions of years, they have watch their numbers dwindle as the onset of "bacteria" (living beings composed of positive matter) created by the Big Bang continue to tear at the edges of the "known" universes. The Maltok's representative pseudopod on the Council of Deities (a pan dimensional governing body administering events on a scale far beyond human imagining), for eons railed against the Council's general policy of allowing any brand of life to become sentient make its way into their ranks. The Maltok seceded from the Council and retreated to the obscurity of the deep spaces of dark matter, until a particularly nasty strand of "bacteria" called "humanity" discovers string theory. They will not remain silent for much longer.

Writing and character design by Quinn McGowan