Characters: The Kaiju Queen

profile image of the kaiju queen Name: Carvella Riley

Height: 5'5" (as a human), 60' (as a kaiju)

Weight: 140 pounds (as a human), 40,000 pounds (as a kaiju)

Hair: Black (as a human), none (as a kaiju)

Eyes: Hazel

Ethnicity: Black (American of African descent)

Known relatives: Danny Riley (husband, deceased)

Education: Nursing degree from the University of Shelby Medical School, diploma from Shelby High

Aliases/nicknames: Vella, The Kaiju Queen, Mother of Monsters

full length image of the kaiju queenDistinguishing characteristics: Aside from her massive scale, her mutation created long braid-like extensions from her head that she can extend and control mentally like tentacles.

Skills/abilities: Carvella is unusual as kaiju goes, able to adopt and retain characteristics of other kaiju she has encountered and eaten. She likewise possesses the ability to detect and track kaiju from hundreds of miles away, differentiating between each one. At the time of this writing, she can hyper compress her skeleton to slink through sewers, make nine foot tall duplicates of herself of limited intelligence, detect/decipher/receive/transmit digital and radio signals and spontaneously grow reptillian wings and fly for as far as a hundred miles at 250 miles per hour, then shed the wings at will. She can lift (press) 100 tons (five times her own body weight). Unlike most kaiju, she has full possession of her facilities and can speak clearly.

Best known for: A mysterious series of murders

Place of birth: Shelby City

Marital status: Widowed

First appearance: Project Wildfire: Street Justice

Brief personal history: Carvella Riley was used to getting her way.

Curvy and smart, she'd used her looks and her intelligence to manipulate situations in her favor since childhood. She chose nursing because she wanted a career where everyone knew how wonderful she was and her natural intelligence meant that the field wasn't very difficult for her to master.

She met banker Danny Riley when he broke his arm bicycling and ended up in her emergency room. She gave him every opening and he took it, and they were married inside of a year. Their marriage bored her but provided the big house and nice things she felt she should have, until the Wildfire Contagion took root in them two years after the wedding. Suddenly, Carvella could see that some people were different, and looked like food. She resisted until Danny began to change into a kaiju as he slept, and she gave in, tearing his throat out and spending most of the night eating him. By morning, she had grown to be twelve feet tall and gained his kaiju ability to compress her skeleton.

Setting up a cover story of a spontaneous romantic getaway, she set the mortgage on auto pay and destroyed the cars in the yard, using their former home as her nest, hunting would-be kaiju at night. Along the way, she kidnapped an IT tech from her job who'd been nursing a crush on her for years, forcing him to do her bidding.

Finally, she grew too large to maintain the charade and struck out, beginning a campaign of terror that she felt all too justified to engage.

image of the kaiju queen feeding on a lesser kaiju

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan