Characters: Darryl Wang

Name: Darryl Charles Wang

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 173 pounds

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Chinese descent

Place of birth: Shelby City, TN

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Mei Wang (wife), Jennifer Wang (daughter, first born), David Wang (son, younger)

Education: Dual major in journalism and rhetoric, LeRoyne-Coyne College

Aliases/nicknames: DC

Best known for: Local journalistic excellence in print and broadcast, uncovering a corruption scandal in the US senate which led to six senators being ousted and convicted

Known Affiliations: The Shelby Source-Intelligencer

Distinguishing characteristics: None

Skills/abilities: Investigative journalism, marketing

Brief personal history: Darryl Wang is a second generation Chinese-American who grew up an oddity in Shelby City -- a charismatic, engaging Asian male in a city dominated by politics in Black and white. He found a passion for journalism as a preteen when he was interviewed by local TV news after winning the city wide spelling bee, riveted by the equipment and the reporter's preparation. By the time he was a junior at Knight Haven High, he'd already won two national teen journalism awards. Often the only Asian at a historically Black college, he broke the story of a police coverup involving the death of a Black teen athlete, which garnered the interest of a local network affiliate and the support if the community. Wang took a senior year internship there, which blossomed into a job as a correspondent after he graduated. A chance encounter at an international business conference led him to meet his future wife, legal journalist Mei Zhang. Together they worked to further each other's ambitions, as he helped her get a frequent position as an expert on a cable news show while she helped him get a column with the city's paper of record, the Shelby Source-Intelligencer. Just before his thirtieth birthday, his dual positions helped him unveil a web of corruption that ended up toppling senators from four states. Just before the emergence of kaiju, Wang had started his own independent news website and YouView channel, but his old jobs still turned to him as a name Shelby City citizens trust. After seeing the devastation caused by a battle between a Kaiju and Project Wildfire, he became convinced they were all equally dangerous, and began a crusade to save the city and expose their origins.

Written by Hannibal Tabu
Character design by Quinn McGowan