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Tonya's a real dream girl -- smart, funny, gorgeous, flirtatious, sweet, kind. She tells people she's an art buyer for a small gallery, loves underground hip hop, has a voice as pure and crisp as a whitewater stream, and eyes that are the color of cognac. Five foot five, braids down her back and thick in all the right places, everything about Tonya is too good to be true. For a reason. Tonya is eight thousand years old, and anyone she falls in love with will have the world at his feet.

HEIGHT: 5'5" tall
WEIGHT: 132 lbs.
HAIR: Black, done in braids that go down to just below her shoulderblades.
EYES: Brown
USUAL MODE OF DRESS: Tonya likes to wear jeans, sweatshirts, conservative jackets and the like. She has a phenomenal figure, but she very rarely shows it off. There are no bright colors in her wardrobe -- all black, brown, tans, and dark greens. Likewise she always dresses warm -- turtlenecks, layers and so forth. She always carries a simple black purse that's 7" long x 5" wide x 2" across. She favors sandals and petite boots.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS/CHARACTERISTICS: Tonya has very dark brown skin. Tonya has a scar on her left collarbone from an unfortunate experience in 18th Dynasty Egypt. She's also immortal, and anyone she falls in love with receives the Crown, a package of metahuman abilities including flight, extreme resistance to injury, super strength and a brand of vocal compulsion which forces people and many animals to obey him.

James Edwards (never Jim, never Jimmy) grew up in a fairly well adjusted household in Los Angeles and went to school at Howard. He's a suave, dark skinned cat with a sly smile and a laugh as big as a pro wrestler. A writer, photographer and burgeoning graphic artist, Malik lives his life, pursuing the next good time. From his immaculate apartment to taking three showers a day, James loves being so fresh, and so clean. When he meets Tonya, at first he's just in for another good ride, but when he gets to know her, he's ready to trade in his player card.

HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
HAIR: Black, cut in a kind of low afro
EYES: Brown
USUAL MODE OF DRESS: James has skin just a shade lighter than Tonya. Baggy matching outfits, lots of light and dark earth tones. Hip hop and promotional t-shirts, collegiate sweatshirts (hooded and not) from Howard and around LA. Boots or simple black loafers dominate his footwear. He always dresses like it's around 75 degrees.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS/CHARACTERISTICS: A great smile and a generally pleasant demeanor.


Damian is the epitome of the New York hustler, a street brother, quick to anger and all about his business. Roaming the streets in a plush jet black Lexus SUV, Damian made a ton of cash promoting clubs, helping build artists and generally being everybody's favorite behind the scenes. With everybody from Suge Knight to Clive Davis to Russell Simmons to Bill Clinton on speed dial, Damian is a new kind of power broker ... well, not really. You see, Damian has been hustling since he ran the streets of Het-Ka-Ptah with his schoolmate Thutmoses III, a player with 3,500 years of game.

HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
HAIR: Black, cut low to his head in a fade haircut.
EYES: Brown
USUAL MODE OF DRESS: Damian wears only black or white clothing, mostly black. He wears long trenchcoats, cable knit sweaters, thick black denim jeans or thick cotton slacks. Boots are the only shoes he'll wear -- everything he wears is made so he can run or fight if need be. He often has black Isotoner gloves on hand, never wears a hat, and keeps his clothing very stylish yet very utilitarian.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS/CHARACTERISTICS: Damian has the wide nose, lips and features of an average east African. His complection is that of a rich cognac, and is buttery in consistency. He is immaculately groomed at all times, and has a six inch scar on his right pectoral from an unfortunate incident in 18th dynasty Egypt.

(patterned after my general amusement with prissy British men)
Nigel Hawthorne was born a boorish Saxon sometime in the eighth century. He was one of numerous raiding parties that ended up in various parts of England, but he was knocked unconscious in a battle. He woke up and had no idea who he was, living as a dullard for a number of years. Finally, when his memory returned to him, he realized he rather prefered England, and stayed there. After a few more decades, he realized that he was the only person he knew who didn't age. He came under the patronage of the Earl of Fife for his engaging wit and impeccable manners. While living as a courtesan in residence, he engineered a relationship with the widowed Dutchess of Albany, whereupon he gained his own land and titles. He met the first other immortal, Selene of Normandy, and recognized her by the aura of immortality around her. Under the new freedom his "nobility" granted him, he was able to establish a kind of roving lordship, under which he used to change identity, as Selene told him he must every few decades. This allowed him the leisure to discover his own power and explore Europe in some measure of style, which he then viewed as a necessity. He mostly remained in England, considering it to be the pinnacle of social development. He has the unusual ability to detect and understand extraordinary levels and types of energy, even from across the globe.

HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
HAIR: Dirty blond
EYES: Green
USUAL MODE OF DRESS: Saville Row three piece tailored suits, always a pocketwatch on a chain, always shades of gray.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS/CHARACTERISTICS: Nigel appears to be no older than twenty-two.

Book One's supporting characters include Elliot, Brandon, Stephen, Ata, Doreen, Mick, Tracy Archer, Dante


(Stavro, Ademia, Nikolas, Alexander, Lykaios, Anatole and Jace)

Functional leader of the Manos clan, he strategizes and runs the family business remotely from an island compound on the touristy isle of Symi, never leaving its walls. An exceptional sniper and marksman, he's the eldest of the family as well.

("Ademia" means "without husband")
European operational commander, based in Paris. A brutal blonde in the Eva Braun mold, powerfully built, all angles and strong motion. It's rare for a woman to be chosen as one of The Five, and she's often considered the most dangerous of them all.

North American operational commander, based in Denver, trained with the Spetznaz and worked as a mercenary, seeing duty in Bosnia, sub-saharan Africa and Central America. Was chosen to replace his older brother Dimitri, who was slain in a raid on an immortal compound in Canada. He feels a need to prove himself worthy of his selection, as he was a second-choice and that eats at him.

("Alexander" means "protector of men")
Asian operational commander. The Five's leading detective, partnered with Lykaios for special hunts, the equivalent of a Major Case Squad on a large city's police department. Crisp and analytical, cheery and relentless, he excels in interrogations, deductive reasoning and forensic analysis. A smarmier Bobby Goren. Based in Bangkok.

("Lykaios" means "wolfish, of a wolf, wolf-like")
African operational commander, stationed in Kinshasa. The Five's most feared enforcer, a killer of truly scary proportions, partnered with Alexander for special hunts, the equivalent of a Major Case Squad on a large city's police department. He handles the dirty work.

("Anatole" means "from the east")
Alexander's son, stationed at Symi to assist his uncle Stavro. He dreams of the day he can follow in his father's footsteps, and studies varied disciplines endlessly, waiting for his chance.

("Jace" means "the healer")
The last surviving member of the previous Five, he offers what counsel he can from a wheelchair on Symi and serves as a frustration to Anatole, who's tasked with caring for the old man and maintaining The Mandate.



Book Two's supporting characters include: Lin Harata, John Underwood, Lo Han, Irving Han, Indira Ragland

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